Student doing his part to help the planet


Connor Thompson

The current condition of the planet is very concerning to some, many of which are students. One of these students is junior Aidan Hamilton, and he is doing something to help.

Every day at school, during his lunch period, Hamilton collects and recycles plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other plastics. Hamilton began this process in March of sixth grade.

“I was bothered by the incredible amount of recyclables that ended up in the trash, so I thought I should try to fix it,” Hamilton said.

He collects as many plastic bottles and aluminum cans as possible during his lunch period and throws them in the recycling bin before boarding the school bus. He does not recycle all plastics though, due to flaws in Indiana’s recycling system.

“Indiana does not have the best track record for investing in renewable technology, and for many soft plastics the technology doesn’t exist or is too expensive to recycle,” Hamilton said. 

He explains that it is a crucial time to start fixing problems he sees regarding the Earth, like the pollution of plastics. 

“There are millions that could lose their homes or lives if we don’t get serious about this,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton recycles bottles because the school does not. The recycling process can be expensive, and is not regarded as a priority by the school. Despite his efforts, many plastics still get thrown away in the cafeteria.