Safest Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat


Though many high schoolers no longer participate in Trick or Treating on Halloween, almost all have some experience in this tradition. Over the years, some neighborhoods and areas have become famous for dishing out the biggest and best candy in the city.

Some students may still Trick or Treat or are responsible for keeping track of younger siblings as they hunt for candy on Halloween. If either one of these options applies to you, here are some of the neighborhoods that are always hot-spots to haul in the most treats on Halloween:

“Williams Creek is where you want to go for the biggest candy bars,” sophomore Ethan Brown said.

Williams Creek is a neighborhood just south of 86th street between College Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. This is a big area with a lot of large homes where kids can be sure to bring home a full bag of treats.

“If you want to get the most candy, go to North Willow because there are a ton of houses there,” junior Jordan Bingham said.

North Willow Farms is another big neighborhood just north of 86th street between Ditch and Township Line Roads on the west side of the township. This neighborhood has a lot of spooky decorations and, once again, a surplus of candy.

Though it is obviously important to Trick or Treaters to get a lot of candy on Halloween it’s also important to make sure kids go to a safe area to do so. Along with these two options and many more, Devonshire is another neighborhood with a lot of homes that also happens to be kid-friendly.

“I would go Trick or Treating in Devonshire near Eastwood because there are a lot of houses and kids there so there is good candy there,” sophomore Brock Harbin said.