Why Valentine’s Day is Becoming a Hallmark Holiday


Valentine’s Day is a day where people all around the world celebrate love. One of America’s most popular holidays. A holiday where most of America celebrates by sending greeting cards, flowers, giving chocolates or other gifts and attending expensive romantic dinners. From chocolates to cards to nice romantic dinners on this lovely holiday that all started with Saint Valentine.

With Valentine’s Day approaching remind yourself when you see someone carrying around a box of chocolates or some sort of a present, that this is a holiday where we give ourselves an excuse to give and receive gifts that we do not need.

Valentine’s Day is in fact more of a religious holiday, but over the years the world has romanticized this day. Sometimes the people of the United States lose sight of what the real purpose of events or holidays are, just like Valentine’s Day. Now it is all about love and getting gifts in addition to trying to impress each other with different ways of expressing their love.

Why do we not celebrate the love we have for each other everyday? Why is there a specific day where people specifically celebrate by giving each other candies and cards?

We are losing sight of what is right in front of us, the world just puts a different spin on things. Valentine’s Day is a day were you express your love but also is a reminder that we need to share that love every other day, gifts or not, love is an emotion that needs to be spread without all this negativity and hate in the atmosphere.