High School Tests Relationships


By Blake Juerling

It is considered by some that young love isn’t real. Many teenagers say they’re in love but relationships quickly end when we’re so young. We become engulfed and obsessed in the idea of having something that adults have, which is why so often teenagers get caught up in early relationships.

This hold true in many instances, but not one in particular. Juniors Sam Behrmann and Sydney Johnson are one of the exceptions to the rule of young love not lasting. With their three year anniversary on the horizon, Behrmann and Johnson reflect on how they have made everything work since February 28, of 2014.

The two were in eighth grade when their relationship began, and now just a year and a half away from graduating high school.

With aspirations to keep their relationship running as long as possible, Behrmann and Johnson described how difficult it is to make their relationship a top priority, as both juggle time between athletics, academics, and work.

Education can be stressful, and with Behrmann and Johnson both in the top 100 of the class of 2016 it is evident that their education is very important. Moreover, Behrmann is one of the top baseball players at NC and likely to be the ace of this year’s team. Baseball is one of the year-round teams at NC, so in the fall and winter Behrmann is practicing or playing three to four times a week, and six days a week in the spring season.

For Johnson, she spends a solid amount of her free time babysitting after school. The two both mutually agree that time is a big factor in their relationship, and that their efforts to make time for one another has only strengthened their relationship.

Yet, even with all of their extra curricular and tough academic workload they do not let it come between them.  

“We always find a way to make time for each other and never waste any moments,” Behrmann said.

They have learned a lot of life lessons regarding relationships that are often learned later by most. Adjusting and compromise have both been key aspects of maintaining  a relationship for so long but according to Johnson those are the most important ones

“The most important part is trying to learn to trust each other and grow without feeling worried that you’ll lose them”  

It appears that Behrmann and Johnson have cracked the code to high school relationships. For those of you that know Sam and Sydney, the two are inseparable when together.

“The biggest thing in a relationship is being able to compromise,” Behrmann said.