Rules for the Hallways


The North Central hallways are hectic during passing periods, and not everyone, especially new students possess the proper manners needed when taking their daily routes to each of their classes.

Don’t stop in the middle of the hallways: It’s really frustrating walking behind someone at a normal pace and they suddenly stop because they run into a friend or they’re not paying attention because they’re on their phone.

Stay on the right side of the hall throughout the passing period: This is a huge reason why a lot of people bump into others in the hallway. There are always moments where someone takes a turn around a corner and they run into someone coming from the opposite direction because they’re not on the right side of the hallway.

Don’t talk to someone if they’re busy listening to music: If you see someone walking with earbuds in, chances are they don’t want to be disturbed and you shouldn’t run up to them and interrupt their moment.

Don’t walk too slow in a crowded hallway: Over 3,000 students need to travel around the school to get to their classes in only six minutes. Not everyone has free time during passing periods and it’s just frustrating in general walking behind someone moving ten times slower than your normal pace.

Watch where you’re going: Stay aware of your surroundings because there are too many people who get distracted by their phone or their friends causing them to run into others. Some students don’t even apologize.