Global Warming: Real or Theory?


With the recent changes in climate, students may be questioning if Indiana weather is just as indecisive as many believe it to be, or if this is a fact of global warming. Well, fellow panthers, I’m here to put your minds at ease.

The weather changes from hail to light rain to tornadoes to sunshine and high 90’s (all in one day) is not a sign of the world coming to an untimely end due to this theory of “global warming”.

The earth has gone through many periods of global heating and cooling. Key word in the previous statement being PERIODS. These ages of extreme landscape changes due to climate change, eventually come to an end. Earth will equalize itself.

Yes, climate change is real and it may affect quality of life, but the Armageddon is not going to occur on account of human detriment over the past couple hundred of years.

Earth has been around for billions of years. Using data from only a handful of years in comparison to the entirety of its lifespan provides inaccurate results leading to false conclusions.

Think about it, Earth has survived dinosaurs, meteors, and many more.

Earth will withstand us.