Tips for College Visits


Many juniors and seniors are gearing up for college visits now that colleges are back in school. These visits are important for students’ academic future, which can make them very stressful. Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your college visits.

Arrive early: Minimize the amount of anxiety you have about a college visit by arriving early. This way you can see what the people are like and get comfortable in your seat before the presentation begins. It might also be beneficial to talk to a student at the school or any administration beforehand.

Talk to your group: If your tour includes other people, do not be afraid to talk with them. Having someone to talk to while you are on the tour will make the experience much more enjoyable and it can help you envision what the school would be like if you ended up going there. A lot of college tours include group activities to make the students feel more comfortable, make sure to actively participate in these.

Think of questions: Before the visit think of a few questions that you can ask. Many of these questions will be answered in either a booklet or at the beginning of the tour. If you have any specific questions, ask the tour guide before or after the tour. Think about questions that would be the deciding factor on where you want to go.

Plan it at a convenient time: Fitting in college visits can be difficult during the school year. A lot of students will miss a day or school to visit a college close to them. Weekends are also a great time to go. Plan the visit at least a few weeks in advance so you can get out of any activities.
Make a Pro and Cons List: After the visit, compare and contrast that college to any other ones you have visited. Make a list of the pros and cons of the college. This will be a great way to decide between colleges down the line. Journaling about your experience will help you remember what the college was like.