Q&A with Marching Band


NCHSLive’s Jett Zweigel interviews marching band’s Rebecca Smollen about the band’s upcoming fall season.

Q: Is band camp mandatory to do?

A: Yes, its mandatory to take. It’s a long summer when you go to band camp.

Q: What do you guys do to get ready for game day?

A: We practice every day to get ready but are hardest practice is right before the game.

Q: How long is the band season?

A: The band season is three months the same as the football season, because we only play during the football games.

Q: Do you guys have any cool songs you will play this year?

A: Actually we do they are “ Get Lucky “ by Pharrell Williams and “Mad Medicine” by Bon Jovi. We are actually really excited about this year.

Q: Do you think marching band is worth a gym credit?

A: Yes. It’s really hard work, so [marching band’s] worth the gym credit.