Choir Opens for Indians Game


On August 23, the Accents, one of NC’s all girl show choirs, performed the National Anthem at the Indianapolis Indians game. The Accents sung just before the game started and as soon as they finished performing, they were greeted with round of applause.

The girls, conducted under Joyce Click, had been preparing for the performance for weeks. Click is the head of Accents, Allegros, Rondos and Kings Court, all of which are part of the top performing choirs at North Central.

“I’ve been very excited to perform at the Victory field in front of the Indians,” sophomore Virginia Medalle said. “Definitely going to be a very memorable day with Accents.”

Performing in front of the Indians especially a large crowd of fans can be nerve wracking. The choir spent weeks preparing for a memorable show.

“It was a lot of fun but I felt kind of pressured. We spent a lot of time practicing so it was exciting to finally get to perform,” Sophomore Rachel Gilcrest said.

After weeks of practice, the choir’s hard work paid off. The Accent’s performance of the National Anthem was greatly appreciated by the Indians and their friends.