Student Section Etiquette


The student section is meant to be ruled by the senior class. The seniors have the front rows reserved, but lately the underclassmen have been creeping up into our space.

The class of 2017 had to start at the back, and work their way up to the top with each year. The same should go for every class to come.

It is honestly disrespectful to the seniors who deserve the court side seats. We are North Central athletics biggest and most experienced fans. When a senior looks to their side, they want to see a fellow classmate and friend. It is really frustrating to see a freshmen, sophomore, or junior in our section because it’s equivalent to them saying that they are more important than we were at that age.

The Juniors and underclassmen have been getting angry at the seniors for pushing them towards the back during athletic events, and have been implying that we are rude. We, as seniors, are entitled to the best seats, and we wouldn’t have to push our way to the front, or use force on the other students if they would just learn and respect the traditions of the student section.

As the school year goes on, let’s keep this student section etiquette in mind, so that all grades can have a fun, and safe time. As always, go Panthers!