Juniors prepare for first prom in two years


After nearly two years without prom, due to COVID-19 restrictions, prom is making its big return. Prom is the highlight of junior year for many, even the highlight of their entire high school experience for some. 

Prom will be on April 23 in the Egyptian Room located in the Old National Centre. The theme this year is Enchanted Butterfly Garden. Students interested in attending should purchase tickets the week before prom, prices are expected to be around $40. There will be a DJ and catered food, both by the junior class council. Junior Class Council members stated that, as of right now, masks will not be required, but it is highly recommended. 

“We always thought of everyone wearing a mask as a requirement, however I don’t know how that will work because we are no longer required to wear masks in school. I think we should be encouraged to wear a mask since we are expecting 700 students at prom that evening,” said junior class vice president Maria Barrios Ostos.

The junior class council has come up with many different fundraising tactics for prom. Some of the money raised came from the Junior Spectacular Talent Show. The show took place last month and had a $10 entry fee, and ended up raising around $1,500. The junior class has also partnered with local food chains such as Panera and Chipotle. Agreements were made to help fundraise money for the school, by promoting their restaurants. However, most of the money has come from parents. 

“One of the junior class council members, Lauren Botts, her mom created a Facebook page to raise money. They started raising money last week,” Ostos said. 

“We have raised over $2,000 in less than 24 hours. We are hoping for more parent donations so we can make ticket prices lower so that more people can attend without having too much financial restraint,” Botts said.

“It’s pretty good. The money that we have collected so far from the parents is enough,” Ostos said. 

Juniors are encouraged to go to prom. 

“Prom only happens once in a lifetime. Parents have been helping a lot. We have been putting a lot of effort into it. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of months and money,” Ostos said.

Ostos is looking forward to spending time with friends.

“It’s really exciting. I am in charge of decorations with the junior class council and we have worked hard and want to get it right,” Ostos said.