Students share thoughts over Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show; pregnancy announcement


Abel Flessner, Managing Editor

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most anticipated concerts every year. This year, many were thrilled to find out Rihanna would be performing.

Prior to the anticipated event, Rihanna fans were guessing what songs she would perform all over social media. They were pleasantly surprised to hear Rihanna perform many of her older hits including ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Diamonds.’

Rihanna also shocked the world by using her show as a pregnancy announcement. Many were surprised to see this as Rihanna had just had a child last May.

“I thought it was cool, and it was very unexpected that Rihanna was pregnant,” senior Devin Butler said.

Rihanna had not yet made this announcement, so it was surprising to see this. Many people are happy for her.

“I thought she was great, I’m proud she’s pregnant again. It was a great show,” junior Abeni Moore said.

Apart from her pregnancy announcement, people were impressed that Rihanna was able to implement many of her older songs into her halftime performance.

“I loved how she brought back her old songs that she hasn’t performed in a few years,” freshman Molly Reffett said.

Rihanna wooed the crowd by opening with ‘B— Better Have My Money,’ a song that many predicted on social media that she would perform first.

She continued on to play some of her older songs, one being ‘All of the Lights,’ a song originally by Kanye West– but due to his recent controversy, West could not be a part of the show.

Rihanna then finished her show with “Diamonds’ as she was raised on a platform up towards the top of State Farm Stadium. She prompted the crowd via the scoreboard to turn on their phone flashlights and wave them back and forth, creating the perfect outro for her performance.

In the following days after Rihanna’s performance, many were focused on the pregnancy announcement, utterly shocked at how she had kept it such a secret. The main focus, however, was on how great many believed the performance was.

The Super Bowl halftime show has brought back legends in the last couple of years, last year bringing back Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem and others, and this year bringing back another fan favorite.

Rihanna’s halftime show was a great way to continue the focus on musical legends of the 21st century.