Swimmer enjoying collegiate athletic experience


2020 alum Grace Lough. Lough is now swimming at Bellarmine University.

Jack Stansberry

Grace Lough, graduate of 2020, is a freshman swimmer at Bellarmine University in Kentucky. Bellarmine athletics recently became a part of Division I last July. Lough is yet to experience college athletics due to COVID-19, but she and the rest of the swim team are still working hard during the season. 


Q: What is something you did at NC that you have carried to the next level to be successful.?

A: One thing that I always did at North Central and something that I brought with me to college was always being involved, whether it was by being a part of the swim team or in an academic group, I just found different things to keep me active and going all the time. Doing so during high school and now has taught me many life lessons and helped become the person that I am today. 


Q: Did you have a favorite class/teacher at NC?

A: My favorite class was study hall because I got to student help for all my favorite teachers. Whether I was in Mr. Loggan’s office cleaning it out with him or sitting at Mr. Marshall’s des having him help understand my homework, it was always my favorite time of the day.


Q: How has COVID affected college swimming?

A: Since swimming is a winter sport, we were lucky enough not to get our whole season canceled, unlike the fall sports in the ASUN Conference. We did have to cancel most of our meets but ended up having three dual meets, and we will be competing at the end of February in our conference meet. Practices are a bit harder to have because you can only have two people in your lane instead of six, so communication and forming bonds took longer for the team. 


Q: What’s the biggest difference between high school and college swimming?

A: For me, college swimming is a lot more about enjoying what I am doing and growing from the experiences. High school swimming was a lot of pressure and stress to try and get the times and goals needed to make it on a college team. Now that I am here and have completed those goals, I can make new ones but not have the pressure to get somewhere so important from them.  


Q: How do you balance academics and athletics?

 A: It can be challenging handling academics and athletics all at the same time, but I have learned that time management is critical. Setting out the time to do my work and study is very important. Taking advantage of the school’s sources is also very important; whether it is with professors or advisors, it is beneficial to have their help.