Freshmen Take on High School


Senior paper, SATs and Prom are all things upperclassmen have to worry about. The freshman also have a big role and it’s just navigating the halls. The first day of high school is a big step for a young freshmen. They have to get acquainted with their classes, teachers, and layout of the school.

North Central is a huge school and freshmen can definitely get nervous quickly as there is a large number of hallways from A to N. Many freshmen are nervous simply due to the long hallways and the many rooms.

“Not being able to find my classes on time,” freshman Kartikay Sharma said about her nerves before the first day of school.

Once they are here a couple of weeks they will most likely lose their feelings of being stranded.

Many freshmen aren’t used to the idea of being in a bigger school. We asked Freshmen Owen Reno about what he was nervous about before highschool.

“A bigger school because I came from a small school, and it was only like 50 kids, so this is a lot for me,” Reno said.

Freshmen also have high hopes for this school year.

“I want the highest GPA possible.” Sharma said.

Some freshmen want to participate in athletics.  For example, Reno shared his goal to make the basketball team.

It is great to see that the freshman know what they want to do in highschool and they are striving for it.

Many freshmen this year are enjoying their teachers this school year. It is also cool to see that the freshman are liking their teachers and also getting used to them.

“They are cool,” freshman, Katrina Cole said.

Many freshmen are starting a new school year, with many tasks ahead of them. Everyone was a freshmen once. At the end of the day, its all about graduating

Remember freshmen, North Central High school wants nothing but the best for all the students. So, try your hardest and you will earn everything that you deserve.