How Facilitated Communication Works


Facilitated communication is the only thing continuing to very much give me hope. Having a continuing voice is good communication for me and my life. Understanding the process of facilitated communication can be very frustrating. Understanding how it works can be more confusing. You should know that you don’t need to understand it completely at first, you just need to believe in the individual.

Believing in yourself as the facilitator is important too. My typing works through good emotion, love, and support. The process starts with trying to work through set answers and to get a feeling to see the hope and to understand how the individual moves. Set work is work that very much helps you teach the facilitator how typing works and a lot of hope is started here. I think that to really understand how this weird process works you have to really voice how you feel.

Hope is very hard but you have to make the autism believe in the typing too. Facilitated communication is hard but understand to help my autistic body move I need that support to really get my thoughts out. Just like this hope, friends are here for support.

I thought that love and life alone would never change but typing greatly changed my amazing life. Having a lot of good support and love in my life has helped me be more free and be Kelsey. I am excited to do more of my future the way for me.