Quinn’s How To #4: getting involved socially

Quinns How To #4: getting involved socially

Quinn Moore

1) Go to sporting events.

  • Sporting events provide, in part, a social gathering for students. Football and basketball games are the most popular and draw the biggest crowds. Students stand during the entirety of the game, and only sit during halftime or if an injury occurs. Upperclassmen lead the student body in chants and the whole school comes together to root for the Panthers.

2) Go to performing arts productions.

  • Students involved in plays, choir, band and orchestra work extremely hard to put on a good show. They spend hours and hours of their time preparing and rehearsing. Going out to see these students perform is not only a great way to get socially involved, but it directly supports the students participating. The school puts on several productions per year, but the annual musical is the most popular of them all. Although this year’s musical, “The Little Mermaid,” passed, there are still a number of other performances set to take place during the second semester.

3) Get involved in extracurricular activities.

  • An easy way to make friends is to get involved in extracurricular activities. There are numerous clubs, sports and other activities around the school. If a student is looking to participate in school activities, they should find one that piques their interest and go for it. It is almost guaranteed a performing arts group or club will fit any student’s interests, due to the sheer size and diversity of NC. There are also several no-cut sports like tennis and lacrosse to try out for, so previous experience in these sports is not required. There are a plethora of activities around the school that appeal to any student.