Ideas for Single People to do on Valentine’s Day


Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is great, just not for you… because you’re single. Another year, another February 14th. While many use today as a day to celebrate their love towards their significant other, us single gals and guys often get excluded.

Teddy bears, balloons, flowers, boxes of chocolate, cards, and more daunt the hallways along with hugs, kisses and other signs of affection. Roses and carnations are even sold in the student center. While it’s all nice and lovely for those in a relationship, it could be depressing for people who receive nothing.

So the question is, what is there to do when you don’t have a special someone on this holiday? Here’s a few ideas to beat the Valentine’s Day blues:

  1. Host a “Galentines” day: coined by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, “Galentines” day is a day for all the single ladies to get together have delicious food and spend the day with the gals that they love. It’s also a perfect time to gossip about guys.
  2. Treat yourself: there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Show yourself some love.  
  3. Bring Valentines for everyone: Remember in elementary school when everyone would bring candy and little Valentine’s cards with their favorite cartoon characters on them? Why not carry the tradition into high school? Include everyone and bring in fun little cards or candy.
  4. Have a gift exchange: If feeling super generous, have a gift exchange with close friends.
  5. Go see a movie: Have a date with friends, family, or alone and go out for dinner and a movie. Dates don’t have to be with a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  6. R&R: Take the day to rest and relax. Without having to stress over dates, what to wear, getting ready, and having to go out and be a part of society on a day like today, you can just take the time to rest and relax. Maybe have a little spa day or just spend time doing you’re favorite activity.

There’s many more ways to have an amazing Valentine’s Day than a “Valentine” so don’t be discouraged. There will be plenty of couple-y Valentine’s days in the future so take advantage of being single and enjoy the day.