Why Off-Campus Lunch Should Be Allowed


Senior year brings many new opportunities and privileges. Seniors can obtain senior honor code and park in better parking spaces in the parking lot. But one privilege that many students, especially seniors, want is the ability to go to a restaurant off campus for lunch. All seniors have the opportunity to eat in the senior cafeteria, but many believe that they should be afforded the freedom to leave campus to buy food.

If students or even more specifically seniors were allowed to leave campus, they would not have to go far. The multitude of shopping centers and restaurants around the campus means that students could even walk to their desired location and back all within the 25 minute lunch period. Some students already go off campus to buy food, but many do this only with the permission of their teacher or they leave when they are not supposed to.

Another reason why students should be able to eat off campus for lunch is that the school does not offer enough options for everyone and some people might not be able to eat any of the food that is prepared in the cafeteria. Additionally, many other schools give their students the freedom of off campus lunch.

While some people might say that this opportunity would make it more likely that students leave school early, the solution would be to only allow seniors with senior honor code to have this privilege. This would make it much more likely that students would come back to school after buying their food.

It might also be concerning that the lunch periods are only 25 minutes long, but that should be enough time for students to go across the street or to restaurants close to the school. Many students already go to these restaurants right after school, so it would be very beneficial to them.

The ability to eat lunch off campus should be another opportunity given to students with senior honor code.