Kelsey’s Korner


Facilitated communication is really just like talking like anyone else. Since I was little I was voiceless, now I have my voice through facilitated communication.

I got my voice through a group called Saved by Typing, which is a group that has individuals like me that use typing as a way to communicate.

Understand I am just like everyone else. I like to feel included in things and I want to meet new people. Understand I act autistic but that doesn’t mean that I am not intelligent and not like everyone else. Understand how hard I’m trying; I don’t like when people assume that I am not intelligent.

Challenges I go through everyday are having to survive my autism. My autism does not define the person that is my voice. The challenges I face everyday are with controlling my body and the sounds I make. Understand how hard my autism is on me. Don’t always baby me, I like to feel treated like everyone else.

Understand hope is very important in my life. Hope is not always in my life and people don’t always understand my autism like I do.