Volleyball player shares her game day routine


Bella Wilson

Being an athlete, there are certain things that boost one’s performance. For athletes to stay their healthiest is a necessity. 

According to NationwideChildren’s.org there are many things an athlete can do the night before a game, during the day and post-game to stay in top shape.

It is recommended to get plenty of sleep and hydrate the night before, as well as making sure to fuel your body with healthy fats and carbohydrates during the day. 

Other things can benefit an athlete’s performance as well, like stretching and having a good mindset. 

Junior Whitney Scherrer has been playing volleyball since she was in fourth grade. 

“I have played for NC since freshman year, and I am currently in my club season at Munciana,” Scherrer said. 

The girls volleyball season takes place in the fall, but team weights and workouts continue throughout the year. Most girls on the volleyball team also participate in club volleyball, involving practices and tournaments. 

These high levels of physical activity make it vital that athletes are taking care of themselves. 

“Typically the night before a game I try to get as much sleep as possible. I am at school for a long time on game days, so I try to reduce my sleepiness as much as possible,” Scherrer said.

Getting a good night of sleep before a game improves the body’s reflexes and alertness. 

Scherrer says she doesn’t pay too much attention to exactly what she eats, but tries to eat enough throughout the day so she can play well. 

“As a team, before a game we blast music and stretch which is fun and helps me get in a good mindset,” Scherrer said. 

A tradition Scherrer looks forward to on game day is having fun with her team and maybe grabbing dinner with them afterwards.  

Recovering after a game is just as important, many studies urge relaxation and recharging to be a priority.