Five ways to spend spring break away from school


Edmond Arauco, Feature Staff

Spring break is April 1-9, giving students and staff ample time off. There are many things to do over break, whether traveling or at home. Here are the top five things to do over spring break. 

  1. Staycation

A staycation is staying home for vacation rather than traveling. Staycations are much more relaxing than traveling, and still fun. 

“A staycation is a good way to release stress and focus on yourself. You don’t have to spend money on traveling and you can do many relaxing things,” freshman Lauren Breedlove said. 

Staying at home could mean choosing to focus on yourself and just relax over break. But you could also find fun things to do in your area that still involve hanging out with your friends, like an escape room or going to the mall. Whatever you do, being closer to home will be less stressful and a lot more relaxing. 

  1. Amusement Park

Amusement parks are always a great place to have fun and experience new things with friends and family. From the thrilling rides to the great food, amusements parks are bound to give you a great time and help you forget the stresses of school for a while. 

“Amusement parks are really fun and a good place to go with your friends. You can do a lot of stuff there and enjoy new thrills and excitement,” freshman Maddie Nava Palacios said. 

Going to an amusement park doesn’t mean traveling to Disney World or Universal Studios. There are some great parks closer to home such as Kings Island or the Deep River Waterpark. And with all of the rides and games, you’re bound to have a good time wherever you go. 

  1. Road Trip

Road trips are a classic break activity that can lead to going to many places and seeing many sights. 

There are different kinds of road trips. You could travel across the country without a specific destination, just enjoying the ride and everything you see along the way. You could also plan a road trip that involves traveling the country in search of national landmarks or other specific places, like a park or museum. A third type or road trip you could take is one with a specific destination. These can be more fun because you’re aiming to get somewhere, and once you are there, you can enjoy yourself instead of getting right back on the road. 

Whichever option you chose, road trips are perfect for getting away from home and seeing new places. Whether you travel with friends, family or just by yourself, you’ll have fun, release the stress that school and home life brings and gain new experiences. 

  1. Camping

The weather is starting to warm up which means that camping is back in season. Camping takes you away from everyday life and puts you out in nature. Camping with friends and family is a lot of fun and creates many memories. 

“Camping is super fun. It’s a great activity to spend time with your friends and family and a nice getaway from craziness at school and home,” junior Isaiah Mundy said. 

From hiking, swimming and fishing to roasting marshmallows, there are many different activities you can do while camping. It is a great way to have fun doing new things that take you away from everyday life. 

  1. Beach

The beach is a great place to relax and have fun. The beach is very different from everyday life, the various animals and the nature is unlike any in Indiana. 

“It’s important to get away, to relax and let go of your everyday stress. Many people find the ocean waves relaxing, it’s such a different environment,” art teacher Vicki Ayres said. 

“When you lay down on the sand, all your stress evaporates into clouds,” sophomore Khalid Amadou said. 

The sounds and sights of the beach make your mind wander from everyday life. You lose all of your stress and focus on the beauty surrounding you. If you go with friends you can swim or play volleyball. There are so many things to do at the beach, it’s a great place to have fun and relax. 

These are the top five things to do over spring break. Whether you’re staying at home or traveling across the country, over break it’s important to forget about all your stressors and focus on relaxing and having fun.