Administration enforces new tardy policy


Students sit in one of the new tardy rooms as they are late for class. Students late for class will either report to lower student where they will be directed to the appropriate location.

Max Edmondson

For years students were sent to the tardy room, B118, when late to class, scanning their ID and sitting there for the rest of the period. That was up until last year’s hybrid learning. 

At the beginning of this school year students were allowed to enter class up to two minutes after the bell and still be counted present. Five minutes after the bell it would be counted as an unexcused absence from class. 

Starting this week the tardy room will be opened again and teachers will resume the policy, no one can enter class late without a pass.

Reintroducing the tardy room is simply not the answer to students skipping class, in fact it’s going to make skipping worse. 

With the addition of a tardy room students will now be turned away from class even if they are slightly late, causing them to miss an entire class over what could be 20 seconds missed in a 50 minute period. Students were also informed the construction happening in D hall was not an excuse for being late.

The construction is happening in what is usually the busiest hallway and is the only hallway to run from N to H hall, connecting the entire school. Saying students can’t be late because of D hall’s construction is the same as being late to work because I-465 is closed. 

D hall’s closure has caused the intersection at B and J hall to be an absolute nightmare. 

“It’s so much worse than what it would be at D and K,” Senior Alec Bullock said.

Cutting off the main hallway of the school and informing students that it is not a reason to be late is downright dumb. Additionally, starting the tardy room this week, students will begin to miss class due to the administration’s lack of sense.