Students share opinions on top ten Valentine’s Day gifts

Edmond Arauco, Feature Staff

This Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. A day that celebrates love and friendship. The best way to celebrate love and friendship is with gifts. There are many possibilities for the gifts you could give or receive on Valentine’s Day. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

10. Candy Hearts

“It’s nice, small and cute. It’s a nice option if you don’t know what else to get,” sophomore Elijah McKnuckles said.

Candy hearts are a Valentine’s Day classic. They have a nice message on each one and are a simple way to show your affection.

9. Clothing

“It’s something that you could use past Valentine’s Day and it’s a good way to show off your partner’s love for you,” senior Jaiden Gray said.

Clothing is a good way to express love through something that can be used everyday. Clothes are a good gift for any holiday.

8. Teddy Bear

“I believe a teddy bear is a good gift because it can hold the presence of someone you love,” junior Alan Sanchez said.

Teddy bears are another Valentine’s Day classic. They are cute and if you might not have a special someone this Valentine’s Day a teddy bear can suffice.

7. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They help you look nice and feel good about yourself. Cosmetics can also help you express yourself through designs with nail polish and makeup.

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a good gift because they can be used at many places. Your partner can choose what they want to buy and all you have to do is get them the gift card. It is simple but effective.

5. Puppy

Puppies can be a great Valentine’s Day gift because not only can you love them but they can love you. If you’re in a serious relationship with someone, then a puppy is a great gift to add a little more love to your relationship. If your relationship isn’t quite as serious, then maybe stick with the teddy bear.

4. Card

“It’s a good way to show appreciation towards someone that doesn’t require you to spend money. It doesn’t cost money to show appreciation,” senior Bryan Amado said.

Cards are always a great choice for a gift. They don’t cost much but can send such a valuable and passionate message.

3. Flowers

“Flowers are a great gift because they smell nice and look pretty. They are a staple of Valentine’s Day globally,” freshman Rowan Stanley said.

Flowers are one of the most original Valentine’s Day gifts. People have been giving them as gifts for years and they are very romantic. They symbolize love and friendship which makes it one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

2. Jewelry

“Jewelry holds a sentimental value, with memories,” freshman Lucinda Dilts said.

Jewelry, while expensive, can express so many things such as your personality, memories, your family, friends and your affection for your partner. Jewelry is a beautiful gift and that carries special meaning.

1. Chocolate

“Chocolate is love because on Valentine’s Day we always give chocolate to our girlfriend or boyfriend,” sophomore Al Rikabi said.

In my opinion, chocolate is the best gift to give on Valentine’s Day. The ultimate classic, it is tasty and romantic and symbolizes love. Chocolate is very simple, but it’s all you need to show your appreciation and affection to your partner or friend.

These are the top ten Valentine’s Day gifts. If you don’t have someone to give a gift to, get yourself one, we all deserve a Valentine. Whether it’s candy hearts or a puppy, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts.