Tips and tricks to avoid “senioritis”


and Antionette Frazier

Are you a soon to be graduate feeling unmotivated and ready to be finished with high school? It seems like you have come down with a bad, but common illness called “senioritis”. Senioritis is a term that describes the common trend of seniors having a decline in their high school academics and activities due to them being unmotivated. Having senioritis can put a damper on your final year of high school, which is supposed to be the best part of the year. Luckily you can overcome this by following these simple tips.

Tip one: Give yourself a break sometimes with your academics. Your senior year can sometimes become overwhelming with assignments and college preparation. This can cause frustration throughout the year making you become exhausted and not productive. If you can take some time out of the week to go hang out with your friends or catch up on your favorite shows. It can give your mind a break and you can still focus on upcoming tasks.

Tip two: Keep a positive attitude and mindset. Graduating high school can bring a whole bunch of different emotions. Keeping a positive attitude on top of some of the negatives high school may bring will keep you motivated and excited for what the future holds for you. You have to stay positive because grades are still very important your senior year, so you can’t let any negativity keep you off track from graduating.

Tip three: Think about your senior experience. North Central holds many activities for their seniors to honor and recognize their accomplishments. They have senior assassin, grad dance, the senior run and many more! Staying excited for these upcoming activities will keep you motivated and optimistic about your senior year.

You have come a long way and just because the finish line is near doesn’t mean you can stop now. Remember to finish your senior year strong and reward yourself for your hard work!