No hood rule still unpopular

Ever since elementary school we have always been told not to wear hats or hoods in school, but as we grow older there is really no reason to enforce this rule. Administrators say that it is to identify kids and believe it should be enforced, while students believe that it’s a rule that shouldn’t be enforced because some head coverings like hats and hoods don’t cover their face at all so teachers shouldn’t have problems identifying them.

“I feel like we should have our own freedom, and they say it’s because they need to identify us but they already know who we are. I feel like it’s one of their own issues to be honest,” said Freshman Landon Campbell. 

I believe that certain head coverings like masks shouldn’t be worn as they cover your face and it makes it difficult for teachers to identify students. While I believe hats should be able to be worn by students as it doesn’t change the students appearance. The hats don’t differ the students’ look and keep it so that your teachers can still identify who you are while still giving freedom to the students.

History teacher Ed Hruskocy disagrees with the policy.  

“I can understand where the school is coming from with the policy but I think it’s just one more thing we focus on that we don’t need to focus on,” Hruskocy said. 

Other teachers may agree with the policy but Hruskocy doubles down on his statement saying that worrying about kids wearing head coverings is “just wasted noise” and that head coverings won’t interfere with students’ learning. So whether it is a student or a teacher both sides may agree that the policy on head coverings is not something teachers should waste energy enforcing.