How the atmosphere of homecoming will affect the football game

Grant Gooden, Entertainment Staff

Homecoming is one of the most popular events of the school year, and homecoming weekend starts off with the football game. On Friday night, NC will play the Carmel Greyhounds for the homecoming game.

The Panthers are still looking for their first win of the season, and they are hungrier than ever to get the win on Friday night. The homecoming game usually brings in more fans than a normal game would, so this can create increased nerves for the players.

“Yeah my nerves are higher because of the bigger number of fans in the stands,” senior football player Ryan Smith said, “I think that our student section will make us win and help us put up a lot of points and it will make us hype.”

Not only Smith, but many of the other football players and students feel like the intense atmosphere will make it more difficult for Carmel, and give more fuel to the Panthers.

Sophomore Carter Klaus was asked if the atmosphere of the homecoming game will help the team play better.

“Yes I think they’ll play a bit better just because of the more fans in the stands and the higher stakes,” Klaus said.

Homecoming game or not, Carmel is one of NC’s biggest rivals in all sports. A few students at NC have worn “Carmel Sucks” t-shirts to school and to events when playing Carmel. This rivalry will contribute to even a greater matchup on Friday night.