Java House vanilla latte disappoints

Sophie Johnson, Opinion Editor

Over the weekend, I went to Java House Coffee Bar in Broad Ripple to try their iced coffee. I ordered an iced vanilla latte with coconut milk, but only because they ran out of almond milk. 

My usual coffee order is black coffee, which I drink every morning. However, I decided to order a vanilla latte with milk substitute because I feel like the order is pretty simple for baristas and almost impossible to mess up. 

When I got the coffee, it was not mixed up or an ombre color. I thought it would be easy to mix, but I was mistaken. 

I tried to shake and mix the coffee myself my entire drive home at every stoplight, but the coffee refused. This was especially bad because when I was trying to taste the coffee, I was drinking straight vanilla coconut milk. 

When I could, I mixed the coffee with a spoon and it turned into a nice tan color. But when I tasted the coffee, it was watered down. 

The coffee itself was very plain and not strong. I typically drink dark roast, so it did not even taste like coffee to me. 

There was no coconut flavor in the coconut milk, but the level of sweetness from the vanilla was good. Overall it did not taste like a typical vanilla latte, and I did not enjoy the experience. 

I would consider myself a coffee gal. I enjoy most coffees, but this latte was so unenjoyable that I did not even finish it and left it in my car. 

If I were to rate this coffee out of 10 I would give it a 3.5. I will not order that kind of coffee at Java House, and if I go back I will definitely order anything else.