New drivers struggle on icy roads


Sophomore Emery Moore drivers her car in the snow for one of the first times. This is Moore’s first year driving in the snow as a new driver.

Mira Bloomer

Driving in hazardous conditions can be very difficult, especially as a student driver who has not had the experience needed to drive in icy conditions. 

This winter has been unexpected in many ways. The temperature has varied from warm to cold in a matter of days. As new drivers are experiencing these new conditions it can be hard to commute to school in the morning. 

Sophomore Emery Moore is new to the roads and ready to experience the winter conditions. Emery turned 16 in September and got her license in December. 

“I have a lot of freedom now that I drive, it helps me make my own decisions,” Moore said. 

Emery’s family got her a car months before she got her actual license so she could practice with it before it was time to drive all by herself. 

“We got a really good deal on the car and I loved it when I saw it,” Moore said. 

“I feel really comfortable on the road usually, but these winter conditions make me nervous if I need to go out onto the road. My car is not heavy and I am hesitant now with these conditions. I am not confident in my car but I am confident in my driving skills to make sure I am always safe,” Moore said. 

Moore parks in the student parking lot so she usually has to leave early to get a spot before there are not any left. 

“When it snowed a lot during school I was very shocked and a little scared to see what it would be like driving home, I made it though and felt confident doing it,” Moore said. 

“I have to pay for my own gas, being one of the only friends in my friend group to have their license I usually have to pick them up, but we compromise if they pay for my food,” Moore said. 

Being new to the road can always be scary, especially a first crash. 

“I rear ended someone a couple months ago, I did not damage their car but for sure did some damage to mine, the man got really mad at me and tried to call it a hit and run when I didn’t even try to run,” Moore said. 

Getting into a car crash and harsh weather conditions can be a crazy start to the beginning of your license’s journey. But the more you drive, the more you will learn.