First day of school a big deal for freshman


Marissa Bardo sits on a bench downtown. Bardo is a freshman, and has had to adjust to the school.

Israel Darring

For many students, their first day of high school is one they will never forget. Junior Marissa Bardo says that her first day will always be a day to remember, as it was an important start to her high school journey. 

¨Walking into the school just felt like, wow, I have really made it this far,” Bardo said. Building a reputation and learning the ways of the school is a priority for lots of students. 

 “On the first day I brought my own lunch because I was scared to eat lunch food and get into the line,” Bardo said.  Every new student has to find a way to navigate the halls when they get to school. 

With all of the hallways being named after letters, students can get confused at times.. Bardo talks about her specific strategy for getting to class.

“I made sure to get to each class extra early because I was scared of the tardy room,” Bardo said. Making friends can be hard in such a big school with lots of stuff going on, and trying to get new students on track can be even harder.

¨I did not talk to new people at first because I am not the best at making new friends but I saw old ones,” Bardo said. The workload in high school is very different from middle school, especially when taking honors and AP classes. Getting homework on the first day is common, which most freshmen are not used to. 

“I got a whole bunch of work on the first day with honors and AP classes and even had an English test,” Bardo said.