Students return to hybrid learning

Student Maria Pulido speaks about stresses of online learning and return to school.


Classroom desks replace tables as students prepare to return.

Israel Darring

Due to the unprecedented changes brought about by COVID-19, students have been forced to adapt to online and hybrid learning. 

Student Maria Pulido says she has been stressed since the start of this year due to COVID-19. “I feel deprived from everything that is going on this year and on top of that not being able to see all of my friends and classmates,” Pulido said.

“I feel stressed everyday like there is a weight with school, balancing social and extracurricular activities.”

Washington Township has decided as of October 19th to go back on a hybrid schedule. Some students feel as if this is a great idea and want to go, while many others have chosen to stay at home.

 Pulido has decided that she is going back to school with the hybrid schedule. “I am nervous because it will be a different environment. I feel like everyone will be shocked by what it actually is, it’s not just us walking  with masks, it’s much more.” 

Students will go back with assigned seating for lunch, with the cafeteria stretching all the way through the student center.

 Pulido says the time throughout quarantine has made her appreciate the relationships with her family and friends. “ I have seen all my friends outside of school and I feel as if this time has made our relationships a lot stronger.”

 “Staying motivated has been my hardest challenge this year because i feel tempted to just not show up or procrastinate because I am in my own home,” Pulido said.

 Lots of students prefer In person schooling because they feel they have to learn visually to get something down pat. She says, “I feel as if in person is easier because I feel like me seeing my work and the teacher being there to help me can make it easier to lock into my brain.” 

Everyone feels a different way about how school has handled this situation. Pulido believes that she “does not feel like they handled it in a good way because I think there is still a risk going out into a building with a big group of people and being enclosed with them.”