Five Little Things: Senior assassin

Five Little Things: Senior assassin

Jerry Little

Five Little Things That Senior Assassin Should Keep

  1. The game should remain seniors only to continue to enhance senior year and give underclassmen something to look forward to.
  2. The running car rule needs to stay to provide participants with safe havens outside of school.
  3. The limited time underwear rule is crucial so the game does not last too long.
  4. Keep the game out of the administration’s hands because they would put too many regulations on it.
  5. Buybacks are crucial to allow people to get a feel for the game before it becomes single elimination.

Five Little Things Senior Assassin Should Change

  1. Assassins should be allowed to shoot people in bathrooms because the current no bathroom rule essentially makes any building a safe haven.
  2. Parents of children participating in the game should not be allowed to tell other participants to get off their property otherwise their child will be disqualified.
  3. Going into as well as leaving work should both be opportunities to shoot a target.
  4. Harming assassins in any way should not be allowed even if they are trying to assassinate someone.
  5. During the period of the underwear rule, participants should be able to wear shoes to prevent injury.