Sofia Christophel-Lichti’s 2020 Junior Spectacular review

The members of

The members of “Goosebumps” from last year’s Junior Spectacular perform. The event was one of the final school events before the lockdown.

Sofia Christophel-Lichti

The students in On The Come Up put on a very well-made and funny production. It was clearly a student favorite that received a lot of laughs. Highlights included the tennis cult circle, Ethan Holder as the janitor, the auditorium aisle involvement and Principal Branigan’s reveal.

On The Come Up Rating:  8.5/10

The winning act, Carmelot, was a creative and musical take on Junior Spectacular. The clever humor and original music was a differentiating factor in this show. The repeat award winner of best actor, Michav George, stole the show in his pink wig and crop top attire.

Carmelot Rating:  9/10

The third show, Goosebumps, put on an entertaining show set during the MET Gala. The celebrity impressions were entertaining, but the best part of the show were definitely the entertaining dances. Caleb Royston and Kiona Naval-Wade’s duet was a heartwarming end to the performance. However, the plot was hard to follow at times.

Goosebumps Rating:  7/10

The final show was Greetings & Salutations. The act was a serious take on Junior Spectacular, focusing on the damages of social media. The minute number of jokes was definitely disappointing, but the impressive acting of Claire McGuire and others made the show somewhat enjoyable.

Greetings & Salutations:  4.5/10