Dar Con Amor provides holiday gifts for underprivileged families


Garrett Mahaffey and Richie Smikle

The holiday season is traditionally the season of giving, and it reaches people from all walks of life. In the spirit of holidays, the Hispanic Honor Society operates Dar Con Amor, or “give with love,” a fundraising drive for local underprivileged families that provides them with gifts that they would otherwise not be able to afford. 

The Hispanic Honor Society is sponsored by spanish teacher Erin Lizer, who describes the types of gifts donated.

“We start with necessities and then once they have that then other desired gifts,” Lizer said.

Gifts have been donated by students and collected throughout this week, and all members of HHS are required to contribute to the fundraiser.

Along with bringing in gifts, students are able to donate financially.

“You can give more than just items,” Lizer said. “World language teachers are also accepting donations from their students.”

Overall, Lizer is happy with the finances that have been raised so far this year.

“It is going very well. So far, we have raised $1,100 from the cookie sale earlier this year and then we have another $700 from private donations,” Lizer said. 

Not only has this year been a success at the midway point, the Society is also operating a little differently. 

“Last year we relied mainly on private donations, but this year we are relying on the generosity of North Central students with the cookie fundraiser, which helps us purchase gifts for the three families,” Lizer said. 

Lizer outlines the family selection process. 

“They’re based on recommendations from parent liaisons and parents within the district. We have three [families] that wanted to participate and also fell under the need,” Lizer said.

Gifts are being wrapped this Saturday and will be distributed to the three families during finals week.