Teachers’ march to the Statehouse taking place tomorrow

Teachers march to the Statehouse taking place tomorrow

Camron Tyler-Brown

Tomorrow, November 19, Indiana teachers will be participating in Red for Ed Action Day. Teachers will be marching to the Statehouse to protest grievances with the state’s current education system. Numerous NC teachers, along with teachers from surrounding high schools, will be participating in the march. 130 school districts, including Washington Township, have been forced to cancel school as a result of the teacher absences.

Indiana joins other states such as Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona in participating in teacher activism through the Red for Ed movement.

Teachers are marching to raise awareness for higher pay, among other issues. With the march being situated at the Statehouse, teachers hope to be heard by officials with the decision-making power to make necessary changes.

“The state has made poor choices in how they are funding schools,” social studies teacher Emma Neikirk said.

The education system has gone through restructuring in recent years, but Neikirk argues these changes have negatively impacted schools like NC.

“Part of it is teachers need to be paid more but really funding for schools in general needs to change. Less money is being put into urban schools than suburban schools, and the amount of money you put into education shows how much you value the students,” Neikirk said.

Neikirk believes all teachers can get involved in Red for Ed, whether they are present at the march or not.

“If teachers are able to and comfortable with doing it, they should participate. If they are not comfortable with it, they can write letters or something to be involved and help change the system,” Neikirk said.

Students, along with teachers, should not shy away from marching with teachers, according to Neikirk.

“If there is no school and students are able to participate they should because this issue directly affects them,” Neikirk said.

The event begins at approximately 8:30 a.m. and wraps up at 3 p.m..