Could Students Be More Eco-Friendly?


It is never easy, saving the world. But some NC students have taken up the call, nonetheless.

While they have appeared dormant over the last few months, recycling club still exists and is still intent on pushing the school to be greener.

The club has not been as active in the last few months as they have been in previous years. While the plan was to pick up recycling during homeroom every week, it has been awhile since the recycling club was last seen.

“[As] far as I can tell, they do a good job,” Evans Branigan III said, “they’ve been functioning with different monikers of success over the years.”

The recycling club would usually have taken several wheeled recycling bins around the school during homeroom, collecting all of the paper that students and teachers had recycled during the week.

“I know that they have made efforts, over the years, to expand their programmings,” Branigan said, “and a lot of that is dependent on student leadership in the club.”

One possible expansion of the recycling club’s effort to make NC greener is having recycling bins set up for bottles and cans in the cafeteria and around the school.

This is a new idea, as the policy of allowing water bottles into class has only just become a policy this school year.

“Can we just have, potentially, in the hallways, plastics and non-plastics so it’s self sorting?” Branigan asked.

Brannigan, and others in the school, including the Environmental Club and the Recycling Club, would like to see the school become greener.

Possible ideas could be more efficient hand dryers, so less energy is used, automatic faucets, so we waste less water, or getting rid of fountains in return for the special water bottle fillers that do not waste water.

“I think it’s good stewardship, if we do stuff like that,” Branigan said.

But there are issues with instituting these improvements. As a public school, NC has less money to spend on such products at this time. There would also need to be additional staff hired to help install and maintain the new equipment.

While one could argue that the money saved from these changes would outweigh the immediate costs of the new equipment, it is difficult to fit that into this year’s budget.

Also, the school would need to have these plans approved the district government, and that they may be difficult given that there are no foreseeable plans.

“I am unaware of any district-wide plans,” Branigan said.

-Ian McCormick