Tuberculosis Threat in the Halls


Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection of the lungs that comes from a bacteria. The specific bacteria is called mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tb not only affects one’s lungs but can affect the kidney spine and brain.

TB can develop in many places so based off where the development starts symptoms can vary. In most cases it is pulmonary (in the lungs). People who have pulmonary TB develop a severe cough, pain in the chest, and coughing up blood.

Most students are not in high danger of developing TB due to how it is passed from one person to another. In the pulmonary case it can only be transferred with closes contact of breath.

Junior Grace O’Reilly knows a little about TB.

“It is usually gotten by interactions out of country. TB is a disease that makes you cough and can be potentially dangerous in severe cases,” O’Reilly said.

As students have been informed of cases at NC they express their feelings of security as we do not know who specifically has this disease.

Sophomore William Ball talks about his friends Grandfather who has had this disease.

“I feel that it is important to stay safe in school so we should be informed of those who have the disease,” Ball said.

O’Reilly agrees with Ball.

“People who are at the most risk have the right to know,” O’Reilly said.

Sophomore Isaiah Rosner explains the information he has about TB at school.

“I have been informed of one student who has been hospitalized for TB , I think that we have a right to know so that we can avoid potentially getting TB,” Rosner said.

-Garrett Mahaffey and Cal Welker