Branigans Influence


Evans Branigan Ⅲ has been principal for seven years since January of 2012 when the previous principal, C E Quandt, resigned. Before Branigan became principal, he was a teacher in the social studies department for many years.

Over the last seven years Branigan has made his own unique changes. There are also distinct differences between the ways Quandt and Branigan approached being principal.

Social studies teacher, Bill Broderick, has been teaching since 1984. Through his years of teaching he has seen some changes dealing with cell phones and school IDs.

Before Branigan, the usage of cell phones was prohibited but as years went on Branigan found it necessary that students have access to phones.

Also before Branigan students did not need to have their school IDs showing at all times during school. The new ID rule, enforced by Branigan, forces students to only be able to buy lunch with their ID card present and not online.

Despite these changes, Broderick feels as though the changes have been minimal.

“North Central has remained the same as it was before Branigan but with positive advances,” Broderick said.

Math teacher Leo Hodes, started teaching at NC in 1993. Hodes has also seen changes concerning dress code and safety.

Since Branigan became principal the dress code has been modified and students have been allowed to wear headbands and other small head ware, still discluding hats and hoods. Recent events have caused schools to increase security, so the school has added more police inside and outside of the school.

“Quandt was principal for a long time so Branigan learned from him. Their styles of being principal are very similar even though they are different people,” Hodes said.

History teacher Lou Silverman has taught at NC since 1992. Silverman noticed some changes in the technology and MYP personal project in the recent years.

Not every classroom used to have smart boards or computers, but Branigan has made sure the school stays updated in technology.

The MYP personal project used to not be a requirement for graduation and used to be optional. This past year, Branigan has made the project a requirement for graduation for the sophomores doing it.

“Branigan has a humane approach to the way he leads North Central. He is different because Quandt lead with an authoritarian approach opposed to Branigan’s humorous approach” Silverman said.  

-Grace Glass