Player Spotlight: Felix Valero


Senior Felix Valero has been playing baseball for eight years. He realized his passion for baseball at a very young age.
Valero moved from Venezuela to the United States two years ago and it was difficult for him to adapt to the new culture, as well as a new language and baseball helped him land on his feet–.
“It was the greatest challenge I have had to face my whole life,” Valero said. “After I met the guys from the baseball team they made me feel welcomed and at home.”
Being a senior means a lot of hard work and being a main leader on the team and that is exactly what Valero will need to do in order for the team to gel.
“As a senior I will guide, help and support my teammates throughout the season teaching them the right ways to do things,” Valero said.
While performing well is a necessity, keeping a good chemistry with his teammates is just as vital to winning games. Valero has learned the importance of solid chemistry throughout his first three years of playing high school baseball.
“I have learned that the only way to be successful is to be consistent, keep practicing and have good chemistry with your teammates,” Valero said.
In Valero’s last year playing varsity baseball he has hefty goals he wants to accomplish not only for himself, but for the team.
“I want to use baseball to not only get better as an athlete, but a person while having fun doing it. I want to use this to help our team win county and sectionals,” Valero said.
In order to accomplish these goals the team will need to come together and hold themselves accountable.
“It will take a lot of hard work, devotion to be better collectively as a group and being accountable for each other and for ourselves,” Valero said.