Potholes continue to be a problem


The conclusion of winter is just around the corner and while many including myself are excited, there is a reoccurring issue that continues to present itself.

Potholes are the expansion of water under the pavement that has melted causing the road asphalt to weaken therefore causing those annoying craters in the road.

Indianapolis Ind. has a reported 14,000 potholes, ranked the worst of major metropolises. Mayor Joe Hogsett is willing to spend $14 million to cut down on them. With regard to the roads in general, it was reported an upgrade on the city streets would cost at least $732 million.

Potholes have more of a negative effect on student drivers due to their lack of experience driving and the dark atmosphere in the mornings prior to school.

While I do not have my license, I have friends who do and they constantly have issues avoiding potholes and I find them looking at the road more than their surroundings putting the both of us in a dangerous situation.

The roads I have noticed with the worst potholes are Westfield Boulevard (Just outside of the school) and College Avenue. These two roads are fairly busy and are main roads students take to and from school.

I think a decisive option to fixing or at least containing this issue would be to have workers out of Marion County pay taxes as they use the same roads as workers who live in Marion County. This would allow Hogsett more leverage on the issue.

There are around 150,000 people who live outside of Marion County who still work in the city.

If Hogsett is granted the amount of money he requested, $14 million, I firmly believe the roads would start looking a lot better, this issue would die down and many tires could be saved as a result.