Gus’s top 5 movie countdown


Gus’ Top 5 recommended movies on Amazon
5. Fences, 2016
About: A struggling middle class man has to deal with everyday problems, along with a grudge against professional sports due to his baseball career was snubbed by segregation.
4. Nightcrawler, 2014
Action and Adventure
About: A devoted journalist starts to become a little dark and starts planning crime scenes to report them.
3. Superbad, 2007
About: 2 nerdy high school seniors are invited to a huge party but are asked to buy alcohol, then later go on adventure to remember.
2. Manchester by the sea, 2016
About: A man from Boston who has had a rough life goes to spend time with his teenage nephew after his father dies, then later has to deal with past memories and soon makes a connection with his nephew but has to go through serious obstacles.
1. The Hunger games, 2013
Action Adventure
About: Based on the book series The Hunger Games a young woman will soon battle for her life and sector in front of rich people for their entertainment.