Should AP Tests Be Optional?


Many students take at least one advanced placement or AP class. But some students who take these classes do not take the AP test at the end of the year. The whole point of an AP class is to prepare for the test in May. The curriculum and the way things are taught is based around what the test is over. AP curriculum is not specifically NC curriculum.

All students in advanced placement classes should be required to take the AP test. One issue that could come up with requiring this would be the cost of the test. Not all students can afford these tests, but there is a solution. There is an option where a student can apply for financial aid. This year, many of the tests have been reduced to $15, which is a much more reasonable and affordable price. Some tests are still more expensive, costing around $90, but there are still ways to pay for them.

Additionally, some students might take issue with the fact that they do not want to miss class time in order to take a test. However, many teachers are very understanding when their students have to miss class. Most are very flexible and will even ask students when they are  going to be absent.

These tests might be somewhat inconvenient, but they allow students the possibility to obtain college credit.