Sophomore Creates Video for Musical Idol


Sophomore JD Snyder recreated Brunos Mars’s “UpTown Funk” music video for his MYP Personal Project. The video features Snyder dancing along to the popular song along with members of his family.

“My favorite part is where I get the curlers in my hair and sit under the hair thing in my cousin’s hair studio,” Snyder said.

Snyder is attempting to get the attention of the artist himself along with other personalities such as Mark Ronson and Ellen DeGeneres.

“I want to meet Bruno Mars because he’s my number one idol and is so inspirational to me and I love his music,” Snyder said.

Snyder has special needs and uses music to help express himself.

“[Music] is JD’s communication to the world,” senior and Snyder’s cousin Will Evans said, “He communicates through music. It brings joy and happiness to him and the family.

Snyder is loved by many at school and proves that people with special needs are just like everyone else.

“JD is special in so many ways and even if you don’t know him he’s just a good person to be around,” senior Hope Christy said, “He’s funny and he does a lot of things we all do like swimming and baseball. Watching the video could help him meet his role model which is a goal we all have in life so why not help?”