Senior Assassin underway


Senior Charlie Kauffman was eliminated in the first round of Senior Assassin. They are currently in the second round of what could be many more.

Gus Osborn, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Assassin is an annual game that seniors play which begins the week after spring break. Jay Grosfeld and Meg Newman are this year’s game makers, which means that they make the rules, register participants and give updates on who is still in the game.

The goal of Senior Assassin is to be the last person standing. The game consists of multiple rounds that take place over  week-long periods.

“Everyone is given a target that they have to eliminate by the end of the week. If they don’t, they are also eliminated,” Grosfeld said. Targets are selected randomly by the game makers. 

Participants are notified of their target through a text message. Kills are completed using a solid stream of water, such as a water gun or hose. Any other weapons must be approved by the game makers.

“Pretty much there is no limit to where you can take out your target, but there are a few restrictions. A few examples would be like during work, school and cars that are turned on,” Grosfeld said. 

These restrictions are set in place to prevent any possible problems with businesses, the school district and safety. If an assassin wants to kill someone during a school event, they must get permission from the overseer, such as a coach.

Jackson Hahn is a Senior Assassin participant who was killed in the first round. 

“My assassin, unfortunately, was someone who I hang out with almost everyday; Seraj Hamid,” Hahn said. Hamid was able to kill his target on the first day at the Jordan YMCA across from Northview Middle School. 

Hahn was looking forward to competing, which is another reason why Hahn felt that this was so unfortunate. “My target lives in my neighborhood, so I was thinking it would be an easy kill. But that never got to happen,” said Hahn.