Why NC Needs an Indoor Achievement Center


By Duncan McLarty and Cole Maguire


In the winter, it is obviously very cold and the sun goes down very fast. For these reasons, it is usually not safe to participate in a sport outdoors in Indiana. However, at North Central, the alternative is not very safe either.

Instead of working out outside, athletes in various sports are forced to workout inside. This becomes problematic in a variety of ways.

First off, safety is an issue. Teachers and students are often still roaming the hallways, creating a dangerous atmosphere.  When athletes turn a corner while running, there could just as easily be a clear path for them to keep running as there could be a teacher or a student obstructing their path. Also, teachers or students could walk out of a door and into the path of somebody doing drills.

Health is also another issue. The upstairs hallway floors have a thin layer of carpet, with concrete right underneath. Also, there are no curved turns, so if athletes have to turn into a different hallway, they have to turn at a 90 degree angle. These conditions are not very conductive for getting a proper workout and staying healthy. The constant pounding on the hallway floors can lead to shin splints and other health problems down the line.

Another issue is space. Nobody wants to run downstairs because the tile is very slick. That only leaves the upstairs to workout in. Boys track, girls track, boys rugby, girls rugby, and girls tennis all compete for this space upstairs leaving limited room to get a sufficient workout in.

An indoor activity center or would also benefit academics.  Athletic Director Paul Loggan has expressed an interest in wanting there to be classrooms in the indoor facility so that it would serve a greater amount of the community.

With all these benefits, why do we not already have an academic achievement center?

The main reason we do not have an achievement center is the cost. The idea has been recurrent since 1992, but the District has not had the money to build one. The idea came up when NC was getting a new Natatorium, but it was cut for budget reasons.

Although it is expensive, the benefits of an academic achievement center far outweigh the costs.

Why We Need It

The fact is for NC to remain an elite high school, an indoor facility is needed.

“Other schools who have this make it very well rounded,” Athletic Director Paul Logan said, “If we had an activity center we would be one of the best schools in the country, I mean best high schools ever.”

Every school in the MIC other than Pike either has an indoor facility or is currently building one. Too many sports are at a disadvantage to other schools in the MIC and state.

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) would benefit all facets of the Washington Township community, NC sports, intramurals, middle schools, youth programs, adult programs, and community programs.  Along with indoor open spaces the facility would contain classroom and meeting spaces.

When thinking of what the AAC could do, think of NC’s tennis facility, regarded as a flagship outdoor tennis facility of the midwest. It could be used not only by NC’s tennis program, but by all of the aforementioned programs. It would foster excellence for NC Sports and make the best possible facilities available for our community.

One example of creating a new state of the art facility can be found in the construction of NC natatorium. The new pool gave the Washington Township Swim Club room to grow. The natatorium brought kids into the swim club and developed a community to foster kids swimming, overall helping the NC high school team for the future.

“Swimming has around the clock programs for the school and community,” Track Coach Kenneth Franklin said.

NC has proven that when resources are provided, the school and community take full advantage of the resources. Sports at NC such as Tennis, swimming, and basketball all have top notch facilities which have resulted in top notch teams.  

“Tennis has 30 some courts and are able to maximize and do great things with those courts,” Franklin said.

Outdoor sports such as soccer, baseball, lacrosse, rugby, and track are at a disadvantage to other schools who can train as a team together on campus during weather that does not permit outdoor training.

NC has 30 tennis courts, 10 lane track, 3 soccer fields 2 baseball fields,  the largest on campus stadium in the state making us one of the best schools in the country in terms of high school facilities. What we are missing is a indoor facility to benefit the school and community athletically and academically.