Five Places to Visit During Winter Break


One place to visit over break is the ice skating rink. There is only one time a year for this! What better time to go then over break when you have nothing to do? There is an ice skating rink located nearby at the State Fairgrounds at the Farmer’s Coliseum.

Another hot spot to check out is Perfect North. Located just outside of Cincinnati, Perfect North is a short 90 minute drive to smooth slopes. Skiing is fun and the snow is great about this time of year. Don’t like skiing? Snowboarding is also really great activity to try at Perfect North so don’t miss out on these dope slopes.

Don’t forget about visiting Indy’s beautiful downtown. With a huge Christmas tree, a bunch of great decorations, and an abundance of stores, this should be a primetime spot this time of year. There is also a mall downtown in case you need to get some quick last minute shopping in. Don’t like shopping? Go to the mall and grab a bite to eat before you sit on santa’s lap to tell him what you want this year.

Don’t let all those wonderful winter time deserts or food slow you down! Go to the local gym and get a quick workout in to stay in shape and to ensure you can keep enjoying the great food. Going to the gym can relieve stress and makes you feel great about yourself.

The last place not to pass up going to is Chicago. With the many great stores and delicious restaurants they don’t have here in Indy, this is a short trip that is hard to pass up. The city is a beauty itself but with all the great decorations this time of year it is even more magnificent than usual.