Nutrition During the Holidays


The holiday season is full of sweet treats and mouth watering candies, which can make staying healthy and maintaining a strong workout routine a challenge.  The good news is the average person only gains one pound during the holidays, however research shows that people do not end up losing that holiday weight that was gained.

Lindsey Joe, a nutritionist, has one rule: “eat what you love, leave what you like.” This rule is of course followed by maintaining a regular workout schedule with at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.

According to Erica Giovinazzo, Head Coach and nutritionist at Brick CrossFit, “People should keep treats to one day a week.”

A big mistake is making Thanksgiving and Christmas break a weeklong feast instead of limiting treats to one day.

Steering away from the treat table at holiday parties is not necessary but knowing when to limit oneself and being able to keep track of what has been eaten and knowing the point of having had a few too many calories will help one to maintain a steady diet.

The average woman needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day, and 1,500 per day for a week to lose one pound.  The average male needs to eat 2500 calories per day, and 2000 per day for a week to lose one pound.

Another tip to stay healthy during the holidays is to prepare your meals instead of buying everything store bought and pre-made.

Riska Platt, a registered dietician, says, “The key to mindful eating is awareness. Just by paying more attention to what you eat, you’re more likely to make beneficial changes.”