Election Night Update


It’s 10:49 in downtown Indianapolis, and as the election is heating up tempers are flaring and tension is growing between the Democrats and Republicans. Positions like Governor and Senate seats have thus-far gone to Republicans and Democrats are starting to hang there heads.

Rania Zakaria, a North Central junior and Amnesty Club leader, aided in last minute Democratic efforts to call voters and gain support. Zakaria, at the Democratic election night viewing party, said that “It feels as if all the hard work being done on the Democratic side is just going to waste. I know everyone in the there is hanging their heads at the news of Gregg losing” Zackaria later added that “The key is to stay optimistic.”

Meanwhile on the Republican side everything is running smooth and the crowd could not be happier. Catherine Seat, wife of Pete seat, a close friend of Eric Holcomb and key member of his campaign, is astounded with the progress of the Republicans and is confident in their success moving on in the night. “I think the Republicans can really come up big tonight and it’s a great feeling”

It’s important to note that the election is far from over. Even though latest statistics and predictions from Fox News gives Trump an astonishing 75% chance of taking the presidency with his current 168-131 electoral vote lead, there is still hope for the Clinton campaign.

Representatives from the Indiana Democratic Party said that “There is a chance for Hillary to win and we are confident in her winning. A state like California (with 55 electoral votes)  that has yet to be counted, can make a big impact on the electoral votes for Clinton”