Principal Responds to Viral Pictures


Recent controversy has surrounded viral pictures posted on social media depicting students at a party posing with a Confederate Flag.

The viral pictures caused many students to speak out against the postings.

“It was very immature to post that on social media. It didn’t represent the students of NC,” frehsman Elijah Maddix said.

In addition, there were students who defended their classmates.

“I think people are overreacting about it. Even though they took the pictures and burned the flag and it has a bad meaning, but they had no intention of bad things,” freshman Daveon Harris said.

Other students agree that the pictures were not meant to be harmful.

“People took it too seriously. It wasn’t meant like that,” junior Jason Clark said.

Principal Evans Branigan III commented about his initial reaction to seeing the pictures.

“My first thought was how is this North Central? That was my initial response,” Branigan said.

The Confederate flag pictures continued an already growing conversation on social media about race and discrimination.

“I think it took courage for people to address their concern and to share it. I think it took courage to try to bring attention to it even if things were meant as a joke or not intended to be as they were perceived by others,” Branigan said. “Images can hurt. Even if that was not your intent, even if that’s not who you are as an individual that imagery hurts all of our population.”

In response to questions about consequences, Branigan explained that although the incident took place outside of school, it can be used as an educational opportunity.

“There’s nothing illegal that they committed. Although that flag represents an unpopular position it’s not an illegal position,” Branigan said. “My heart goes out to the kids. I think they just got caught up in a moment of youthful error. We just need to be supportive of all parties. I think this is really a teachable opportunity for all parties.”

In response to his classmates’ posts, Senior Nicodemus Monts and others took a knee during the National Anthem at Friday night’s football game. Branigan spoke in response to the student’s actions.

“I don’t think it was disruptive. Our student section stood up and sang the song. It’s expression of First Amendment rights,” Branigan said.