Unfair Grading Scale?


When it comes to grading scales, North Central gets the short end of the stick. The grading scale is a point scale. An A is a 4.0, and a D- is a .6667. The grading scale moves up by .4 points per grade.

I think that the grading scale is too difficult for us in high school. I don’t think that you should be judged by a scale in which are separated by less than .5 of a number. All over the world in education the grading scales are much better.

In Canada, the grading scale is separated by 10 percent. An A+ in canada is 100-90 percent. A regular A is 80-89 percent. In my opinion this is much less stressful and a lot better for the students.

The grading scale in France is out of 20. They grade 1-20 by a 1 point scale, unlike a .4 here. There, 20-11 is a B-.

The grading scale, should be changed. I think it is much too narrow and just ridiculous. In our school we are graded from 1-4 by a .4 scale. That right there is evidence that we should learn from France and Canada, because they seem to have it right.       

A lot of different places allow for more leniency on grades. This shows that if we modified the grading scale, it might help students a little bit more. I know I do not like the fact that the rest of my life will be decided by a scale with the margin of .4, so why should you?