Senior assassin nears end


Truitt Parker

For years now the senior class has come together to play a game called senior assassin. This year is no exception with 183 students who played this year. In the game everyone is assigned someone to “assassinate” which you do by squirting them with a water gun. There are many more rules making the game more complicated which can be found on their social media account.

To get into the game you have to pay an entry fee of $5 to the game makers. At the start of the first round with 183 students in and the pot was $865.65, now in the 5th round there are 4 students remaining and the pot is $2791.40 all to go to the winner. With only 4 students remaining the format for the final round is a march madness style with the final four students being Kaden Edwards, Ethan Cantrell, Quintay Jackson and John Herriman.

“It has been pretty easy so far,” Edwards said. “I just stick to my regular schedule, it’s just harder to get out of places like practice, and of course I’m going to win”

Edwards is the only one who seems to have enough confidence in himself to win. While the others just seem to have a little bit of hope for themselves.

“It’s actually been pretty easy for me, a day in the life is really stressful because you have to constantly be on the lookout for your assassin. I’ve gotten this far so hopefully I’ll win,” Herriman said.

“Honestly if it wasn’t for my friends and my dedication to wait in anticipation for hours, I wouldn’t have gotten this far,” Cantrell said.

At the moment it is undecided whether or not Jackson is out or not since he was shot and there is controversy over whether or not he is out.

Cantrell is also a counterpoint and is heading to Nashville today for Show Choir Nationals so Edwards has short time to get Cantrell out.